The Brochure Outlet Privacy Policy

Since we launched the website in 2002, we have never sold user data to anyone. This will not change. The only emails you’ll receive from us are ones you’ve actually requested.

However, the GDPR regulations which went into effect on May 25, 2018 require us to let you know exactly what personal information we collect about you, and what we do with that information. Fortunately, that’s simple. We only collect and store on our database the bare minimum of data we need in order to provide you with our services.

We will continue to uphold the spirit of privacy by never selling your personal data and by keeping it safe and secure.

You will only ever receive emails from us when you have asked for them or as confirmation of a registration or product purchase, or on the rare occasion we may need to send you an administration email that concerns your particular Brochure Outlet account.

As part of our service, we send periodic product announcements and sales or marketing emails. You may use the unsubscribe link which is included in the footer of every email we send.

If you have any concerns about your privacy, or if you ever receive spam or junk email from someone claiming to be from MJD, then please click here  to report it to our webmaster.

Users who choose to access our general site content and who do not create an account on The Brochure Outlet, you are not providing us with any data. If that is your chosen method to use the website, we don’t have any of your personal data.

Users who choose to create a free account with us do so by providing an email address, a password, and shipping and billing addresses.

The email address is used as the unique identifier for your account, and also to send you any important notices about your account. If you choose to opt-in to our Brochure Outlet service, then we use your email address to send you emails periodically. Because of the volume of the emails we send out, and in order to ensure we deliver them reliably and efficiently, we use an email-sending service to do this. This service is provided with your email address.

Your password is stored in an encrypted form, so even in the unlikely event of a security breach of our database (which has never happened in our history online), your password is not readable and should be perfectly secure.

Anyone who purchases a product from the website must create a user account, and the purchase transaction is also saved to the database with your account details. If you purchase a physical product we require a ship-to address and that is obviously also saved with your account. We do not collect or store any financial data.

We also store the IP address of registered users when they register and log in. This is basically a standard function of the coding framework which The Brochure Outlet is built upon, and the only occasional use we may at some point make of it would be as an aid to assisting users with customer service issues, or perhaps in protecting against malicious users.

If you use our contact form to send us a message, this creates a message ‘ticket’ on our system which stores the data you entered into the contact form, so that we can read your message and reply to it.

With the exception of our email provider who sends out our emails for us, and the technical support administrators of our webhost, no other third party has access to any of the data we store as far as we are aware.

You may contact us at any time and request we delete your account and all your personal data.

We use several cookies on the site:

1. A session cookie: This is required to operate a ‘log-in’ scenario, and basically contains any data or information we need to be able to provide the reading service, and also to remember any site preferences you have set. Logging out of the site deletes this cookie.

2. Remember me cookie: If you check the ‘remember me’ box, you will get another little cookie added to your browser to let it know to log into MJD automatically. Again, logging out will destroy this cookie.

3. Google Analytics: Like the vast majority of websites, we use the Google Analytics service to gain valuable insight as to how people are using MJD. Google uses a cookie to track your usage of the site and build a statistical picture across the entire traffic flow.

4. Social Media like and share widgets: While we don’t have these now, we may add them in the future. These widgets may employ their own cookies.

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